The best Latex Editor for MAC

Maybe first you will remind me that MacTex, which is popular now.

Anyway: I refer some article and find there are also many other tools.

refer from :

There are quite a few “integrated” solutions, combining editor and pdf preview (the very fine TeXShop being one of them) — some of them are quite new (even beta); TeXShop, on the other hand, is very mature:





Texmaker (cross-platform, qt-based; all the others are OS X native):


You can also check the entries, and the comments, on Macupdate:


That said, I use none of them, although I have TeXShop around. (This doesn’t mean the new integrated solutions aren’t any good; I haven’t tried them yet.)


That’s because what’s most important, imho, in a good LaTeX environment is the editor, i.e., how much help is there to get the source written. Accordingly, many people would agree that the best editor available plus a fine synchronised, but stand-alone pdf viewer is superior than a (compromising, or so the musing goes) all-in-one tool.


The, hands-down, best pdf viewer, supporting PDFSync (syncing source and pdf), is Skim; it’s free:


As regards the best editor, there is constant disagreement among OS X users, some would even say “war” — but that just shows how vivid the Mac ecosphere is when it comes to such tools.


Leaving the “classics” aside, Emacs (Aquamacs, and Vim (Macvim,, dreaded for their learning curve, worshipped for their power, two of the best, modern, clean, yet powerful editors are TextMate and Sublime Text 2:


helpful: ime-text-2-4/


Many would hold that the combination of either TextMate (2) or Sublime Text 2 together with Skim provides the best LaTeX environment ever.